Technical Audit


Project Rate*

Audit of your existing architecture with recommendations.

  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Systems & data structure analysis
  • User experience analysis
  • Compliance, standards & policy analysis
  • Software license reconciliation analysis
  • Assessment of internal team capabilities

  • Identify and evaluate risks and internal controls;
  • Design and perform audit procedures, this will include identifying and defining risks, developing criteria to audit against, analyzing and documenting processes and audit evidence.
  • Conduct interviews with staff and prepare working papers for review.
  • Review the working papers of the internal auditor.
  • Identify and document audit recommendations using independent judgment.
  • Communicate or assist the Head of Internal Audit in communicating the results of the audit via written reports to management.
  • Develop and maintains productive client relationships through individual contact and group meetings.
  • Provide or assist in providing training, coaching and guidance to internal audit staff.
  • Perform related internal audit work as assigned by the Head of Internal Audit.
  • Assist manager in evaluating technical, financial and information systems, recommending controls to ensure system reliability and data integrity.
  • Examine records and interview staff to ensure recording of transactions and compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Produce up-to-the-date information, using internal computer systems, to allow management to base decisions on actual data.
  • Ensure compliance with business and operational requirements
  • Compile and implementation of operational plan
  • Implement and management of internal controls for all documented processes
  • Assist Manager in compiling a project manpower plan to meet the predefined criteria.
  • Induct and align newly recruited staff and ensure that all staff members in the department have Job Descriptions and employee performance agreements
  • Provide training to departmental staff in concerned area of operations.
  • Monitor performance of the team members and conduct periodical performance review of the staff.

*Max allocation of resources limited to 200 hours collectively.