WordPress Website


Monthly Rate

We’ll create a professional WordPress website custom built for your needs: business website, blog articles, portfolio, e-commerce, non-profit site, personal site, or informational site. Our dedicated WordPress team bundles software development, UX/UI design, project management, and user training.


  • Software installation and optimization
  • Customized user experience
  • Server / database configuration
  • Theme / plugin configuration
  • Project management
  • Front/Backend engineer, UX/UI designer, account management
  • Software licensing
  • Hosting (monthly maintenance sold separately)
  • Training of your internal team

  • Step 1: Choose WordPress as your website platform.
  • Step 2: Pick a name for your website, make sure it's available.
  • Step 3: Decide core needs: e-commerce, marketing website, blog articles, CTA...
  • Step 4: What's your timeline/due dates?
  • Step 5: Hire our team to build your website.
  • Step 6: Install CMS, configure database, procure licenses/themes/plugins to extend your website's abilities.
  • Step 7: Project management meeting, knowledge share, styleguide share, asset share, requirements gathering, basic pages,...
What you Get

Marketing website, portfolio site, blog articles, e-commerce, and more…the choice is yours.

  • WordPress configuration
  • Hosting / database configuration
  • Social integration
  • Email integration
  • UX/UI design (aligned to your brand styleguide)
  • Debugging
Dedicated Team

Your dedicated WP team consists of a software engineer, UX/UI designer, project management, and account management.


Choose either your own web hosting provider or leverage our AWS cloud configuration (additional fees apply).

Web hosting companies allow you to rent a space on their large server, making it possible for internet searchers to quickly find your website.

Ensure your website stays up, even during traffic surges, hosting providers add a measure of security to your website experience,.

When looking for a web hosting company, opt for a service that provides:

  • Affordable cloud hosting
  • WordPress hosting options
  • Easy WordPress installation
  • Free domain registration for at least a year
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSL certificate
  • 24/7 customer support
Problem Solving Skills
From figuring out how to best implement a design, to fixing bugs that crop up, to figuring out how to make your front end code work with the back end code another software engineer has written, development is all about creative problem solving.

Site maintenance is an important aspect to the longevity of your website.

Basic Plan ($100/mo)

  • Security updates
  • Basic bug fixing
  • Routine WP/plugins updates
  • Server maintenance

Professional Plan ($300/mo)

  • All of Basic Plan
  • SEO adjustments
  • Minor UX/UI updates
  • Analytics report
  • Check Site for 404 errors

Content Plan ($1,000/mo)

  • All of Professional plan
  • Up to 15 hours of UX/UI design per month:
    • Upload blog articles (written by your team)
    • Create new pages/sections
    • Add new plugin features
    • Swap / add new images
    • Design components
UX/UI Design

Your UX/UI designer will reflect your brand styleguide with the compents of your website.

  • Site architecture
  • Content architecture
  • Navigation
  • SEO friendly copy
  • Design components
  • Design aesthetics




Search Engine Optimization helps webcrawlers identify the content of your site and recommend it in search queries. 

Your team will recommend and implement SEO plugins and keywords to improve organic search results. 

Themes & Plugins

Choose a theme carefully: it is usually best to have all the functionalities you need as part of a theme. Your team will make recommendations.

Plugins provide additional functionality and widgets to your site like SEO optimization, email integration, social sharing, videos, ecommerce, and more.

Some plugins & themes may require additional licensing fees.

Social Integration

Social media plays a very important role in the successful launch of any product. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to interact with your users.

Make sure that users can find ways to connect with your website on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

We confrim that social plugins on your website are working properly.

Email Integration

Connect your website with email integration tools like MailChimp. This enables your team to capture lead generation more effectively and maintain your customer relationship marketing.

We test your contact forms, comment forms, email subscription forms, and so on. Making sure every form on your site works properly.