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Digital products, SaaS enterprise applications, UX/UI design, software engineering, mobile apps, marketing websites, APIs, and other software solutions for your organization.

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What information should i provide?

Getting started is easy.

First contact:
When contacting us simply let us know your industry, company/organization name, contact info, and the desired service you’re interested in. As well as, if you need software built new or enhance existing applications?

When estimating these are a few bits of information to provide:

  1. Timeline
  2. Your Key Stakeholders (for approvals)
  3. Desired OKRs (Objectives & Key Results)

When starting, we will setup a file share folder and request:

  1. Your brand guidelines
  2. Approved assets (logos, fonts, images, graphics, videos, etc)
  3. System access/requirements  (CMS, cloud computing provider, database preferences, hosting services provider, API specs, programming language, etc.)
  4. Approval process
  5. Meeting cadence
  6. Deliverables
  7. …and, other critical information.

Agile software development uses sprints to coordinate and deploy. In this process, we collaborate on selecting a list of priorities and implement software releases based on team structure, client needs, and user feedback.

This allows you to decide how fast you want to build based on your organization’s considerations.


An important aspect of deciding how to structure your technology needs comes from assessing your near-term goals and long-term goals.


  • What do you need the software to accomplish?
  • How will the software benefit your business operations?
  • Is the software consumer facing, internal facing, or both?
  • What’s your timeline? (when does software need to go-live, how long will it last, etc)
  • Do you have internal software teams who will eventually manage the software?
  • How familiar is your company with managing software?

Ask us!

We will tell you how to best assess your needs…even if that means you hire someone else.


All software builds are different.

During our initial meeting we will discuss the scope of your project and suggest solutions to meet your desired outcomes as well as timeline and budget.

Establishing a clear, transparent working model is imperative to meeting your software needs and achieving goals.

T-shirt sizing:
One of the methods used in agile software development is known as ‘T-shirt sizing’. This concept gathers inputs from key stakeholders, software developers, project managers and CRUX (creative and user experience) teams in order to assess an approximate time/bandwidth estimate.

From here we can choose to increase speed by adding to the team, reduce outputs to meet budget concerns or allow more time for approvals.

This provides greater transparency as well as a flexible working model to meet your needs.


We understand that timing is of the essence when it comes to meeting business needs. That is why we strive to hit your target dates.

Collaboration across disciplines helps us achieve rapid workflow, client reviews, cross-platform deployments and positive outcomes.

Depending on your project size, we will suggest an appropriate team size which includes developers, UX/UI specialists, project managers and SMEs (subject matter experts).