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Enterprise SaaS

Platforms, web-apps, B2B/B2C web-based/web-hosted software. Common delivery model for many business applications: user management, messaging, payroll processing, logistics, CRM, management information systems (MIS). Software architecture, UX/UI, software engineering, payment processing, agile hybrid methodology, ML, data encryption, server-less cloud infrastructure, and more…

Custom built.

Fractional Hires

10hrs  •  25hrs  •  50hrs / week

Hire L5 – Senior SWE

$5,000.00 USD / week

Hire L5 – Sr. UX/UI Designer

$5,000.00 USD / week

Agile by Design

Iterative Software Development

Iterative development is a way of breaking down the software development of a large application into smaller chunks. In iterative development, feature code is designed, developed and tested in repeated cycles.

The iterative model is a specific implementation of a (SDLC) software development life cycle that primarily focuses on a simplified implementation that gains more complexity and a broader feature set as it continues forward until the final system is completed. 

The iterative model differs from the traditional waterfall model in that it is more of a cyclical process, rather than a hard step-by-step process of stages. Once the initial planning phase is complete, a handful of other stages are repeated, creating cycles. As each cycle is completed, the software is improved and iterated on.  

What is Machine Learning
Web app stack

SaaS Enterprise


Mobile Apps

Software designed to run on a specific device: phone, tablet, or watch.

UX & UI Design

Human Machine Interface is at the core of successful digital products.

Machine Learning & AI

Leverage machine learning protocols to optimize tasks, functions and more.